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The Art of Taqasim Online Short Course

Before having a break for summer holidays. Don't miss out on Mayel's 3 week short course on Tuesdays and her technique classes still taking place on Saturday!

Tuesday's Class will involve:

Warm up & Bellydance drills

* Warm up & Bellydance drills

* How to dance to middle Eastern instruments

* Belly dance styles & music recognition

* Guided improvisation

* Some fun & cool bellydance combos to use for solo or group performances

Saturday's class involves:

* Warm up

* Belly boogie

* 1001 shimmies

* Technique drills

* Deep learning and drilling of rhythms

*** Package fee: £36 (bothTuesdays+ Saturdays) / Saturdays only drop in option: £5

All online classes are taught on the Zoom App. You will need to download the app to join.


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