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NEW! DANCING FLAME: Modern Drum Solo Online Course

Join Mayel for a new online 7 weeks belly dance package starting 2nd March!

Every Tuesday 6:30-8pm & Saturday 11am-12pm.

For her new course Mayel will be teaching a modern drum solo choreography to "Dancing Flame", an amazing piece of Arabic Darbuka music!

This course will cover:

- Warm up and belly dance drills

- Rhythms breakdown

- How to recognise the different Arabic rhythms

- How to make your drum solo stand out

- A new piece of modern drum solo choreography for group or solo performances

Mayel's popular Saturday belly dance technique classes will continue and are FREE for those joining the Tuesday course!

The technique class will cover:

- Warm up

- Belly Boogie

- 1001 Shimmies

- New Belly Dance Drills each week

- Guided improvisation


-Package fee for 7 weeks: £84

- Saturday only (drop in option): £5

To book CONTACT Mayel


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