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SUMMER DREAMS: Dance Workshop with Ozgen & Mayel! July 1st 2018!

Join Ozgen & Mayel for a unique day full of dance, workshops & fun in London this summer! 11.00-13.00 : Sufi inspired Veil Dance Ozgen will teach a spiritual veil dance to theatrical Sufi song by Can Attila. Learn veil technique to this beautifully sensual music, focusing on the turns and spins of the whirling dervish, as well as hip and arm movements. This sensual and spiritual style workshop will take you on a journey explore your inner-self! Please bring dancing veil. Please note this is Sufi inspired fusion bellydance, not the traditional whirling dance. 14.00-16.00: FUN Hot Summer Drum Solo After a warm-up session, Mayel will teach belly dance technique to sharpen your isolations, a

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