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Love this #picture by Christine Chatfield from _bellydance_boutique 's photoshoot -_-_#dan

"I have already had a number of private lessons with Mayel. Her one to one lessons is a fantastic way to improve your skills, polish your technique, your simply review your choreography. She is a very skilled instructor and her lessons can be totally tailored. Mayel is very reliable and experienced teacher. She always puts 100% effort in helping her students, no matter of their level and experience. She is a very friendly and approachable teacher who makes learning to dance both fun and, if you want, really challenging!!! If there is any subject you wish to work on or achieve your personal goals just get in contact and she is very happy to discuss and help you out! Highly recommended!"

— Itsumi

'There is a shade of #red for every #woman'_Audrey Hepburn _Picture by _christinechatfield

"Mayel will watch you, listen to you then take you and your dance progress absolutely in hand. Be prepared to work hard, have a dedicated mind and heart for every second you pass with Mayel she work hard for you and will give you her dedication and heart in return. Expert care and attention are given with a generous sharing of her skills and passion. I am perfectly sincere when I say that a lot of my progress and success are due to the time I have spent training with Mayel. Classes are great and we should all go regularly if we can, but a private lesson with Mayel is an investment in genuine self development and physical, technical, musical delivery of ones overall performance. Je t remercie de tout Mon coeur!"

— Muna

"Thank you Mayel for the wonderful private lessons. I enjoyed the 1-1 attention, definite benefit. Thanks for your patience. Hope I get many more from you"

— Priya

Aaaw yes... I choose to live in my own fairytale 🌸🌞🌸_Happy #midweek #Instafriends -_ Pi

"I had a private lesson with Mayel to help with a choreography I had been working on. She gave me feedback on my dancing that was very encouraging and made me feel more confident about the upcoming performance. She then helped me work out ways to give my choreography more drama and intensity, as well as giving me guidance on how to express the feeling I was trying to get across. She made me feel encouraged and excited about finishing my choreography and performing it. I came away with lots of ideas of how to make it even better. My performance went very well and I feel it was the best I had ever danced. I will definitely be getting a private lesson with Mayel again when I have another performance coming up."

— Jemma

See you in class tonight #dancing ladies 🎶🌟_Let's DANCE the cold away 💃_-__Picture by C
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