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Mayel is a sublime performer and a great teacher. She brings to life the mysticism of middle eastern dance, incorporating modern techniques into the ancient dance form to create stunning choreographies. As a teacher, she is respectful, patient and always positive. As a performer she is elegant, graceful and never fails to amaze!


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Mayel is a multi award winning belly dancer, choreographer and fully qualified JWAAD teacher, mentor and assessor. Her stage experience began at the age of 4 in France in a musical for children, where she performed for 10 years. At the same time, she also trained as a rhythmic gymnast.

She has been professionally performing as a belly dancer since 2008 at weddings, stage productions, corporate and private events in UK, Europe and Australia and was formerly a resident dancer at several popular restaurants in London.

As a teacher she creates a fun and supportive atmosphere for her students, breaking down each movement with ease. She teaches the musicality and history of oriental dance and educates her students in many different oriental dance styles such as Raqs Sharki, Baladi, Saidi, Khaleegy, Modern Oriental, Fusions, Turkish Style, Fantasy Oriental and every belly dance prop you can think of!

Mayel teaches regularly at open level belly dance classes, but she also offers 1 to 1 mentoring sessions, for those keen on improving their dance technique.

As a performer, she is one of the core members of the prestigious Company of Dreams as well as a soloist in the well-known Johara Dance Company. She regularly works with International belly dance stars such as Ozgen Ozgec and has starred as the premier dancer in touring shows, bringing belly dance as art form to the world!

Mayel is well-known for her unique style described as dynamically commanding, gracefully emotional and full of drama!

To learn more about Mayel, visit her biography on the JWAAD website or follow her on facebook and instagram!

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