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EGYPTIAN ROMANCE: Passionate Belly Dance Course Starting 26th Feb!

Fall in love with belly dance in Mayel's new Egyptian Romance course. In this course, Mayel will teach a unique lyrical belly dance choreography to Katar Khaere by Shireen Abdul Wahab, a beautiful, romantic Egyptian pop song, as well as belly dance technique. See the video below to listen to the song! Dancers of all abilities are welcome! WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: 1. Warm up and conditioning for belly dancers 2. Travelling Steps 3. Belly dance technique: Sharpen your isolations, add flow between moves, work on grace and style! 4. Perfect your shimmies! 1001 shimmy drills 5. Guided improvisation: Don't fear improvisation. Learn the techniques to make the most of it and enjoy it! 6. Live your dance

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