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DANCE TO EXPRESS! Bellydance Course Starting 3rd March 2020! NOW ONLINE!

UPDATE 23/03/2020: Due to the COVID-19 crisis this course is now being taught online. Contact Mayel to learn how to join.

In her new course starting 3rd March, Mayel will teach a choreography to Wahshani Baladi by Carole Samaha. Composed to the well known traditional Egyptian song Leilat El Hob, Carole Samaha's lyrics beautifully expresses one's love for their country and their home. Mayel aims to show the passion, sadness, love and hope expressed in the music through her choreography.

All the best dancers out there are capable of expressing emotions through their dance to tell a story to the audience. Mayel wants to share with you how you can express yourself through belly dance to take your performance skills to the next level!

This course will cover: * Warm-up and conditioning for belly dancers. * Travelling steps and technique for turns and spins. * Belly dance technique: Sharpen your isolations, add flow between moves and work on grace and style. * 1001 Shimmy drills *Guided Improvisation: Learn techniques to enjoy improvised dance and make to most of it! * Live your dance: You will learn how to give meaning and feelings to your dancing and how to tell a story through movements. * Learn a new and original piece of choreography- Lyrical style suitable for solo or group performances to 'Wahchani Bladi'- a political & lyrical song by Carol Samaha. Techniques of each style/section will be explained & taught in the class.

Please note, this course is mixed level, but not suitable for absolute beginners.


£90 7 weeks course. (Save £15-1 session is FREE!)

£15 per 90min class (cash payments only please)

Click here for more information about Mayel's belly dance courses or to book your place contact Mayel

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