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GET BACK INTO DANCE! Mayel's new Classic Egyptian belly dance course starting September 10th 201

Award winning belly dancer Mayel is looking forward to get back into some serious fun and action after a long summer break! She is starting off a new set of exciting courses in the heart of central London with her favourite style: Classical Egyptian. Join her to sharpen your technique and work on your style grace and style...but most importantly, to have lots of fun!


1. Warm up and conditioning for belly dancers

2. Travelling steps and technique for turns and spins

3. Belly dance technique: Sharpen your isolations, add flow between moves, work on grace and style!

4. Perfect your shimmies! 1001 shimmy drills

5. Guided improvisation: Improv can be scary and challenging. Learn the techniques to over come your fears and make the most of it.

6. Understand the Classical Egyptian style: Learn about the culture and history of the dance and how to interpret the classical arabic rhythms and melody through dance in an unexpected way,

7. Learn a unique choreography of the Classical Egyptian style suitable for group and solo performances. The techniques of each section of the choreography will be explained and taught in class.

Skill level required: Mixed ability (but not suitable for complete beginners).


£90 upfront for a 7 week course. Get one 90min class (value of £15) for FREE!

£15 per 90min class (cash payments only please)

Click here for more information about Mayel's belly dance courses or contact Mayel.

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