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LYRICAL SUNDAY: Workshops with Mayel & Ozgen! Coming Sunday 18th Nov 18.

Star teachers Mayel and Ozgen are teaming up once again to deliver two AMAZING intensive workshops for one day only on Sunday November 18th! Learn how to express yourself through belly dance in these lyrical workshops, kicking off with master choreographer and dancer Ozgen who will teach you how to create your own choreographies. This will be followed by the award winning belly dancer Mayel, who will teach lyrical oriental dance techniques, helping you to dance with passion and express deep emotion through your dance.


The Place, 16 Flaxman Terrace, London WC1H 9AT


Workshop 1 with Ozgen 12.30-14.30 Studio 3 How to make those "spot on" choreographies? Ozgen will be teaching the theory and technique behind creating powerful choreographies. He will focus on understanding of the relationship between musicality (the feeling and deep details of the music) with your movements. Please note that the workshop will be assisted by Ozgen, but you will also work collectively and creatively with the other workshop attendees. Feel free to bring pen and paper to take some notes.

Workshop 2 with Mayel 15.00- 17.00 Studio 1

Mayel will teach a new and original piece of choreography of Lyrical Oriental in which you will learn how to give meaning and feelings to your dancing and how to tell a story through your movements.

This workshop will cover:

Warm-up and conditioning for belly dancers.

Travelling steps,

Technique for turns and spins.

Belly dance technique: sharpen your isolations, add flow between moves, work on grace, style, shimmies.

Guided Improvisation: Don't fear Improv anymore! Learn techniques to enjoy and make to most of it!* 'Live your dance'.

Learn an original piece of choreography suitable for solo or group performances.


£55 for both workshops. To secure your place an advance payment is required via bank transfer.


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